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Oculus Server Packages

Please choose your location of either Virginia, Chicago, New York or Amsterdam. All locations are excellent and provide speeds over 1K upload and download. All locations are connected via 10Gbps (aside from the Standard VA location).

Why Choose Us

We are one of the most trusted providers in the industry. We guarantee your satisfaction and you can count on our advanced hardware to give you the best chance to be successful on the big releases.

1) Created for Sneaker Software

Our servers have the most up to date hardware to handle multiple tasks and perform under pressure. We suggest software such as Cyber, NSB and Dashe.

2) Reasonable Prices

To maintain the quality and keep our hardware up to date, we aim to provide reasonable prices for alternative solutions to AWS/Google Cloud. All of our servers are dedicated and the resources belong to you.

3) Discord Support

We provide 24/7 Discord Support and will help you set up your server to utilize it to the maximum potential.

4) Dedicated Servers

Our servers are dedicated and packed with the most up to date hardware to give you the greatest chance on any release.

5) Prime locations

With locations in Chicago and Virginia, they are the hottest locations and provide the fastest ping speeds to the major retailor datacenters.

6) Valued Brand

The Oculus brand is a distinguished brand and all of our servers are thoroughly inspected for quality. We are a trusted provider in the community and are here to ensure you succeed.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do people use servers?

Servers are used to increase your chances of securing limited releases by providing superior download speeds and locations close to the data centers

How do I connect to a server?

Please review our guide which has useful links

What server location is best for me?

We provide the two best locations for sneakers, Chicago and Virginia. Ideally, whatever is closer to your end shipping destination to avoid cancelled orders

How do I set up the server?

When connecting to a Windows server, an RDP connection is needed so you can access your dedicated machine. The server is set up like any other ones and if you contact our support team, we can provide links to help you!

Do you provide proxies as well?

Yes! We provide proxies via our website,

How long does it take to receive my server?

Delivery of servers usually take less than 24 hours.

What are the speeds of the servers?

We have seen speeds from Chicago at around 5,000 MBPS as we host 10 GBPS ports on all of our Chicago servers. Virginia speeds are usually around 1,000 MBPS and on our 10 GBPS package they are around 6,000 MBPS!!!

How many bots per server can I run?

We recommend 1 bot per server for maximum results.

How many tasks per server can I run?

We recommend 75 tasks for optimal performance on the 8GB and up to 150 on the 16GB. The more tasks you run, the performance of the software gets degraded due to the drained resources. Smaller tasks with concentrated power will give you the best results.

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